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Book and Coffee Reading Challenge 2019

Ho Ho Ho!!! Oh sorry, wrong holiday…

Happy New Year’s eve!!!

Is there any better way to start a new year other than with a list of books to read?

Join me for my reading challenge for 2019!

I know we all live busy lives, with an addition to several bookclubs we are part of (we are bookworms after all), so the rules are simple:

✓ One book a month
✓ Comment bellow that you are in!
✓ I’ll do a post each month where we can share our thoughts and reviews!

Ready, steady, go:

1. A book that became a movie

2. A mystery or thriller

3. A book with one word title

4. A popular author’s first book

5. A book a friend recommended

6. A book you can finish in one day

7. A book set in the future

8. A book published in 2019

9. A book that scares you

10.A book with more than 500 pages

11. A book by a female author

12. A Christmas book

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