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Bringing you the best coffee!

Bringing you the best coffee! Why I’ve chosen Two Chimps

I’m really excited to be able to tell you that I’m now receiving a regular delivery from some chimps! Don’t worry, I haven’t gone completely mad. I’m telling you about chimps because they are the lovely people that send me the coffee samples that I share with my wonderful customers.

Let me tell you some more about them.

Two Chimps

I enjoy working with Two Chimps because they love coffee in a really down to earth way. They’re passionate about sharing different types of coffee (even decaf) and in helping people to understand that different types taste, well, different.

They say that their mission is to bridge the gap between the machines that use pods and the speciality coffee drinkers who roast or grind their own beans at home. Not everyone has time for the latter but might still want a bit more flavour than the machine can offer.

If you want to learn about coffee terminology and all of the different varieties, they can teach you. In fact they have a handy Jargon Buster on their website. On the other hand, if you can’t choose they’ll help you to decide.


The Perfect Match

Of course, I wouldn’t have started a business called Book and Coffee if I didn’t love books and coffee. To me, curling up on my sofa with a good read and a mug of something delicious is just perfection. The coffee that I choose will sometimes depend on the time of day. Do I need waking up after an early start or do I need decaf so that I can read my book then go to sleep?

Sometimes the blend that I want has more to do with the personality of the book I’m reading. That’s where Two Chimps’ product descriptions are really useful. They talk about the flavours and whether that particular blend will help you to wake up or is better as the perfect after dinner treat. However they also help me to think of each coffee blend as having its own personality. That way I can match the coffee to the book. Of course I don’t get it right first time, every time so I have to drink more coffee until I do. I know, it’s a tough job but someone has to do it!

The Best Coffee

One of the main reasons that I chose Two Chimps is because of their dedication to coffee farmers and to getting the best out of each crop. A coffee farmer will sell their crop to a variety of different roasteries and the finished coffee could taste different at each of them. Two Chimps roast in small batches so that they can monitor the process carefully and get the best possible flavour.

It’s not just about the roasting either. They trade fairly with each of the coffee farmers they buy from and often get to know them in person. That’s great for the farmers as they know they’re trading with someone who understands their climate and how they work. Of course, it helps the coffee taste great too!

A sample of Two Chimps coffee comes with every parcel I send out, I look forward to sharing it with you soon!

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