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Our Favourite Characters Make Us Better

My favourite character that shaped my personality is Scarlett O’Hara.

Scarlett O’Hara isn’t meant for a typical love story. In fact, I think Scarlett herself would be bored enough to scream with an ordinary one. Instead, her story follows the years she spent chasing after Ashley Wilkes, only to marry two other men, Charles Hamilton and Frank Kennedy, once Ashley was already taken. With her ongoing obsession with Ashley, she managed to completely miss out on the fact that she’d already met the real man for her — lovable scoundrel Rhett Butler — even after he became her third husband.

It’s possible that I shouldn’t be using the experiences of a woman who only managed to love one of her three husbands for wisdom on life, relationships and dating. Thirty-three percent isn’t very impressive to start with, and it sounds even worse when you consider the fact that she didn’t realize she loved him until after it was too late. Nonetheless, Gone with the Wind has taught me invaluable lessons about life. Scarlett might be a slow learner in a matters of the heart but she’s a definite survivor.

Scarlett is very much in control of her own destiny, which is actually very unusual for a young woman of her social class. Scarlett is a Southern belle, who were supposed to be very delicate and demure women, deferring to their husbands or fathers on pretty much everything. Scarlett doesn’t do this once. She’s a very active character who’s not just in control of her own destiny, but of several other people’s too. She goes through several husbands, choosing them on what they can do for her and her family. She delivers her sister-in-law’s baby and takes them back to her home in Georgia, protecting them from the advancing Union soldiers. She single-handedly drags her family out of poverty by going into business – something that was almost unheard of for upper-class women of the time.

I admired her strength and power of will,that despite her upbringing she wasn’t afraid to get her hands dirty, she understood what needed to be done and did it – her own feelings could wait till tomorrow.

What character has affected you the most?

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